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Follow your joy

II want to encourage people with my painting to find their inner radiance!

The one life task that gets you in the flow and lets you forget space and time.

That's why I like to call my colorful and abstract pictures "lighthouses for emotions": a glowing reminder on the playing field of life that only our heart shows us the very own path to our inner radiance.

Technically, a mostly small golden detail shows up, which resembles a window or peephole and stands for a view of the inside, the heart or the soul.

Thus, each image can be seen as a living character, which is supported by the 3D design.

Another frequently found pictorial element are the diamonds, resembling a playing field, which are supposed to stand for the forks in the road of man.

These crossroads of life are always a special challenge for every human being.

I would really like to recommend to all people who find themselves in front of such a life path crossroads to always listen to their heart.


Nina Boeing is a visual artist with a focus on abstract painting. This and photography accompanied her from an early age. Born in Freiburg in 1979, the artist opened up further creative areas through a key event in the form of a near-death experience in her childhood.
She still associates the view "to the other side" with incredible joy, lightness and brightness.
Her artistic development was also influenced by the skateboarding scene, which brought her closer to graffiti and sparked her love for 3D representations. In Mrs. Boeing's childhood home, her favrite paintings were those of Miró and Keith Haring, later she also found access to the art of Romero Britto. 
She has inspired these spiritual and artistic influences to a new technique of 3D optics: her pictorial character is cut out, further processed on foamboard and finally installed on acrylic glass panels. 
Nina Boeing's works are getting more and more attention and now they even hang at a French art collector's place next to a Picasso and paintings by Joseph Beuys.

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